If you are looking for a rectangular building that is at least 6 metres long x 3 metres wide x 2.4 metres high at the eave you can very quickly get a price from us.

Your ShedSales quote will fully detail the following

  • the size of portal frame members
  • the size of purlin and girt frame members
  • the total weight and cost of the portal frames including bolts and brackets
  • the total weight and cost of purlin and girt frames, the cladding

Become a verified user so you can get a brief engineering analysis report on your choice of portal frame sizes. If these portal frame sizes pass our engineering tests, we can quote the supply of your shed kit using these frames.

We believe our frame optimisation technology will give you the most cost-effective frame that meets Australian Engineering Standards. If you have another quote, you can test their frames to see if they pass or fail.

Peter - Kenthurst, NSW

"I made the right decision when I bought my shed from ShedSales. This shed was a stronger shed, with larger roller doors - and it cost a couple of thousand dollars less than other quotes I received. Everyone who sees it, wants a shed with strong framing like this one!"

What you need to know to compare like with like

Buyer beware! Without knowing it,you may be considering buying a shed from another company that uses cheap imported steel. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Some shed sellers use terms such as “Sourced from local suppliers” and “Manufactured in Australia.” THIS IS NOT “MADE IN AUSTRALIA!”.

  • If you are not buying Colorbond or Zincalume cladding, you are not buying Australian made steel.
  • If your framing is not manufactured from Bluescope Galvaspan, the framing is not Australian made steel.

Why does this matter?

  1. There will be no manufacter warranties from the Asian manufacturer. You won’t even know who the real steel maker is.
    The warranties provided by Bluescope protect your investment if there are defects that affect the life of your shed. Bluescope will service this warranty for you. You will not be dependent on your shed seller to service this warranty.
  2. How long do you want your shed to last?
    Australia leads the world in the steel coating technologies that are applied to Australian made steel. Bluescope supplies steel that is specifically designed to perform in the harsh conditions we experience in Australia. Without appropriate coatings, YOUR SHED WILL RUST.
  3. Buying a shed is a significant investment – why risk it with inferior steel and cladding?
    Australian manufacturing standards ensure consistency in the grade of the steel and the thickness of the frame and cladding profiles that are used. Australian products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the standards. Imported steel for sheds focuses on low cost production that look like Australian products, but are inferior.